Hello, allow me to introduce myself...

I am Makenzie. If you don't already know me that's okay because I am one of those people where if I meet you it's like I have known you for 10 years already. I don't meet a stranger. I am a super friendly person and love to meet new people. I am wife to a handsome man named Eric and a mother to a beautiful little red headed boy names Liam. 

I love Jesus, spending time with my family, anything fall related, traveling, television, South Alabama, and pretty much anything that deal with being creative. I love to create things and try new things out. I currently am invested in learning how to sew and quilt. I also love doing anything new and crafty with Liam because then I get to keep something he made. <3 


I am so excited to meet you and work with you! Feel free to contact me about anything!