I had such a great time yesterday at the Open House for Weddings at Cabin Bluff in Springville, Alabama. I invited a friend of mine and her fiancé to come and get photos of themselves in their wedding attire and it was so much fun. This venue is absolutely amazing, no matter what season! In the dead of winter here we are and the view and the colors are still AMAZING. Thank you again to Wendy Ryals and her family for allowing me to come and be apart of their open house and taking photos at their beautiful venue! Brides, get that wedding booked here as soon as you can! I know these spots are gonna fill up quick! How could they not? It’s beautiful!!



A new baby is like the beginning of all things wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.    

Eda J. Le Shan

I had such a wonderful time with the Dickson Family this past Sunday. Casey and her husband, Matthew, are expecting a sweet little boy in a few weeks!! I might be a little bias, but boys are awesome! Haha! Even though it was FREEEEZING Sunday we had such a great time and got some gorgeous photos. Their youngest daughter, Ava, was such a hoot. She reminds me of my oldest son, so full of personality and totally fearless. But, she has a huge heart for her Mama and Daddy. I am so excited for this sweet baby boy and this family. Praying many blessings over Casey’s pregnancy and the birth of their sweet boy.


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I photographed Ashton + Joshua at the always beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their engagement session. Their wedding is this fall and I only found it so fitting that the Gardens had this insanely gorgeous yellow tree. I love fall because of this reason, the insane colors.

I love capturing my couples just as they are in this moment of their lives. Only because when you look back on the photos together you will have grown so much over the years and your lives will be so totally different. New careers, new houses, new cars, kids, more kids, and with all of this comes time, wisdom, and growth in your love. Ashton and Joshua have been together for a while so I know they already see a strong growth in their relationship and themselves together and separately.

Finding the person to spend the rest of your life with truly is a God given gift. Embrace the journey and all that comes with it.

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.“
Khalil Gibran

Reynolds Maternity Session Preview | Birmingham Family Photographer | Avondale, Alabama

I had such a great time photographing Alex and Levi for their maternity session in Birmingham! They are like a breathe of fresh air. They just enjoy each other and life. I love maternity sessions. My new parents are always so fun to photograph. So much adventure in front of them and they really don’t know what their future holds but they are so excited regardless.

I love shooting in downtown Birmingham because even in the winter this location is so beautiful. Something is so magical about Birmingham in the winter. I am so glad so many couples choose this location. You can see from the photos how beautiful it truly is.

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I had a chance to photograph the Gonzalez family in Birimgham. Their family was so close and so sweet together during the entire session. Even with the adventurous toddlers at hand they still showed so much love for their parents.

Things like this are so special to me to document. I want to make sure I can capture those moments for all my families to remember these babies at this age. Adventurous, tender, innocent, and yet again so brave and full of courage at such a young age. That is what I want my kids to see in their photos and what I want your children’s to look back and remember as well. Love, adventure, and comfort.

Evans Family | Birmingham Trussville Springville Lifestyle Family Photographer |

I loved photographing the beautiful Evans Family at Dayspring Farm in Springville, AL. I’ve been working with the Evans Family for over a year now. The first time I photographed them was the day Emmett was born. And now I have such a special bond with this sweet family. I’ve watched Emmett grow and documented so many life events over the last year. It seriously is so refreshing to my soul to go back and look at their family photos of the last year! 



As 2018 comes to a end I think back on all that I have experienced, accomplished, learned, and also failed. This year was a true journey of self discovery. Right after having my second son, Charlie, I really questioned if I could juggle it all. I became overwhelmed, but extremely thankful all at the same time. My emotions were scattered as I was worried I couldn’t mange my family life and a business. Of course with much prayer and so much support from my husband I made it through. This season has been a hard one. I still am learning to manage my time between two babies, keep my business rolling, and also keep laundry and house work under control (this truly is last on my list. I hate laundry.)

This morning I was laying in bed looking at Charlie sleeping and just reflecting on this year trying to not give myself the mom guilt by how much I’ve missed on photographing him this season because I’ve been so busy with work. I was reminded of how little I get behind the camera with them. Which is so silly because that truly is my heart. My passion is to capture families exactly as they are. Sure, I know every one of my families loves dressing in their finest clothes and all he colors and patterns coordinate perfectly. You brush your child’s hair for picture day even though they had yogurt stuck in it for two days prior to that. I get it. Trust me I do. I want nice photos of us too. But I also want the ones that one day my kids will look back and get sense of comfort and love in their soul because it reminds them of their childhood. They don’t remember the yogurt that was stuck in their hair for two days. They remember how mom always bought their favorite yogurt for a snack. They remember that even though they didn’t match you let them pick out their favorite pjs. They remember snuggling in bed first thing in the morning and watching a movie just because we could.

I got emotional thinking how I want my kids to have photos of me doing those things with them. Even if my hair hasn’t been washed in two days and I look like a mess. I want them to have that forever. I might literally suck at putting together their baby books, but they will have their memories in photos. And it will be REAL, RAW, and AUTHENTIC. That’s not just my goal for my kids, friends. It’s for yours too. Your sessions are not for your Facebook friends. They are not to make your family look perfect. They are to make you look exactly like you are. Even if you are a mess like me. I love the mess. I love the craziness. I love the REAL you. I want your kids to look back on the photos I take for you and remember exactly what they remember as their childhood. Not the fake smiles dressed in your sundays best. I want you to look back and remember the love and emotions. I want them to look back and remember the smell of their home and how much they loved being the age they are in those photos. That’s my true goal for your family photos, friends. I am so excited for 2019 and to see what God has in store!


Christmas with the Slaughter Family | Preview | Birmingham, Trussville, and Springville Family Children Lifestyle Photographer |

If it’s not already apparent… I adore this family. I mean this is the most kind hearted family I’ve ever met. These babies are so precious too if you can’t already tell! I am so happy Heather allowed me to come capture these moments of her family for Christmas. Heather and Shannon sing bluegrass when they aren’t busy being parents and their special Christmas tradition is to sing Christmas carols as a family. It is so sweet and I loved watching the kids sing with their parents. It was so special to capture these moments . I can’t wait to edit the rest of the session!!

Merry Christmas!

Falkner Family | Birmingham Family Photographer | Springville, Alabama

So funny story about this sweet family… I talked with Laura before her session and of course I knew she had girls. I knew she had 4. What I didn’t know is two of them were twins!! This was my first session EVER with twins and it was so awesome. This family is beyond sweet and the 2 oldest girls are incredible sisters! I loved meeting and working with the Falkner Family! I actually had the joy of working the other side of the Falkner family a couple weeks after this session! It was so great to meet the entire family! I will be blogging that session soon as well.

Birmingham Family Photographer | Trussville Family Photographer | Fall Mini Session

I love being a Family Photographer in Alabama. This session at the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds is gorgeous! This is one of my favorite family sessions to date! The colors in this session are beautiful and the happiness is genuine! Have I mentioned seriously how much I love fall? Almost any location is gorgeous and it's all natural beautify. I love it so much. 

Fall Mini Session - Oneonta, Alabama | Birmingham Family Photographer

I loved working with the Holmes Family because they are seriously so full of adventure. If you guys know me, I am not an outdoorsy person. Not at all. But they got me to climb rocks to get to this gorgeous location. Which I am so thrilled they got me out of my comfort zone because LOOK! I mean amazing!! I am so thrilled to share his beautiful fall session with you all! 

Chasteen | Birmingham Newborn Photographer

I absolutely loved photographing with the Chasteen family in their beautiful home in Trussville, Alabama. Their son Caleb is beyond perfect. The love in this sweet family is truly felt in this images. I loved getting to know them better, and of course snuggling Caleb. :) 

Family Beach Photographer | Gulf Shores Photographer

It's really hard for me, and I know I say this allllll the time, but I seriously loved this session. This family is nothing but fun and you can tell just by the photos shared here. I always love a good beach session! <3 

Creek Session | Springville Alabama Family Photographer

Creek Session | Springville Alabama Family Photographer

I can't tell you what it is, but these creek sessions have been truly a huge deal in my creative heart of mine. I photographed the Brown Family at a beautiful secluded creek in Springville, Alabama. I love working at a location with water. The beach is always magical, the ocean is so majestic and insanely gorgeous on it's on that it's really hard to not have beautiful images there. But, these creek sessions... there is something like a homegrown feel to them. Or it is at least to me. I love capturing these sweet babies playing in the creek water and finding rocks. I guess just being able to capture these adventurous but also intimate moments near home and with my favorite thing involved, water, is so beautiful to me. I still have a special place in my heart for the Gulf that can never be replaced, but these creek sessions are becoming my second favorite location to shoot at. 

The Brown Family was so lovely to photograph. They have such a large personality as a whole and individually. And if you can't tell the littlest of this bunch is a free and adventurous spirit. Which I adore. I was such a mild and calm child that I think having one of my own that is fearless and adventurous makes it all the more fun, especially when I have a client who has a child just like my own. <3 This family is beautiful on their own, but their kind and openly inviting personalities makes them even more great. Not to mention I worked with Kayla's sister before so it was just so awesome to work with another part of the family and get to know them all. I am so thrilled to share this gallery with you all and hope you enjoy it as much as I have. 

Railroad Park & Big Spoon Creamery | Birmingham Senior Photographer

Railroad Park & Big Spoon Creamery | Birmingham Senior Photographer

I loved working with Madelyn for her senior session at Railroad Park and Big Spoon Creamery in Birmingham. Senior Photography is one of my favorite things to photograph because I truly get time to capture such a HUGE time their lives, but not only that, the personality and interests of every senior is so important to me. Madelyn is a "foodie". Which I love because.. I love food, haha! She took me to Big Spoon Creamery and it was my first visit at this location. The ice cream was incredible and the atmosphere really was unique. I loved being able to capture Madelyn's passion AND eat some of the most delicious ice cream I've ever had in my life. I find it to be so important to capture the passions of my seniors because this is the start of the rest of their lives and most keep these passions going for the rest of their lives, and even make a career out of them. Which is so important to me because I had a strong passion for photography in high school and here I am today literally working my dream job! 

Being Present: Introducing Myself

Being Present: Introducing Myself

There is a lot I want to do in my business. I want to do more creative shoots and spend more time getting to know my clients. Of course make more guides to make the experience more joyful for your sessions and things of this nature. Things that I will accomplish with time of course. One thing that really stick out in my mind, pretty much once a week is how I NEVER blog. Like ever. And I want to. I want to blog more of the sessions I shoot and I also want to blog more personal things. I love writing and I love telling people about thing I am passionate about or things that are new in my life. I don't know if people like following them as much as I like writing about them, but that probably won't stop me from writing, ha! 

I wanted to really start my blogging journey now. I have so much coming up in my life and my families lives that I want to take this moment to write and document more than just with photographs. Photographs say a lot about an experience, but sometimes I'd like to go into more detail than just what my photos express. With my second son, Charlie, arriving in the next few weeks and our journey to find our own house... this is the time I want to tell you all about my life and show you more of myself on a personal level. Hopefully also allow you all to get to know me a little more and allow me to have an outlet to share my passions with you. Mostly, photography, my family, and my plants I'm sure, ha! 

M Y  F A M I L Y


L I A M 

As many of your know this is my little adventurous, red headed boy, Liam. He is really getting to the fun stages. He loves being outside and exploring. He loves trucks, trains, and anything that rolls pretty much. He is ALL BOY for sure! It's been exciting to see him grow and capture these moments with my camera. My whole love and passion for photography is at a new level since having Liam. I am sure it will get even bigger once Charlie arrives and capturing them both together. 




What more can I say other than I really have no idea how I'd do life without Eric. He's such an awesome Dad and husband. Like he had just called me moments ago and said how he really wants to take some of his birthday money he receives from family to buy Liam an appropriate sized soccer ball and goals because Liam can seriously kick a soccer ball and really dribble it. Which is highly impressive for a 2 year old, or at least to us it is. Like normally I'd think he'd want to use his birthday money on himself because let's face it we sometimes don't get things we want because Liam and responsibilities comes first but, he's super excited to get out there with Liam and work with him on the whole soccer thing. This man is the best. I am so glad God blessed me with him. Eric really is responsible for Neely Creative. His support is the only reason I get to do what I do! He has made ways for me to improve and pushed me to do things I would have talked myself out of doing. That's why I love him. 



C H A R L I E 

Well, as you can see right now Charlie boy is still in he womb growing. It's hard for me to believe I'm only 3 weeks out from my due date! I feel like this second pregnancy has flown by. We are so excited to meet Charlie and see what blessing God has given us. I'm also excited to see Liam with a brother. Can't wait for you all to meet Charlie too! (BTW, Eric took these photos and I can't belive how good he is! I think I need to convince him to join me.)



For some reason it's always SO hard to write about myself. First off, my passions are my family, photography, and gardening. I love growing things. Babies, plants, whatever I can, haha! I have an obsession with plants and I hope to get better on my veggie garden game too. I just get so much joy out of photographing life and growing life. I think it's just so incredible to watch things grow but also to document it as well. I have always been fascinated with photography and photographs. When I was a kid I also admired old photographs my grandparents had and when I was a preteen the digital camera really started becoming a thing. I would photograph things with this little kodak point and shoot my mom had. Then in high school my mom bought me a Nikon D3200 and I started following photographers websites and just admiring the different styles of photography and editing styles. So that's really when it all began. I mostly started doing my own side work in high school. Now here I am today making my dreams reality and documenting life and memories for so many other families other than my own. It's incredible. I just can't God enough for blessing me with this gift and the people I get to work with. 


I am excited to share more about my personal life and passions with you all. I am excited to just take some time to write again, really. I know our daily lives is one of the most uninteresting things and I may have a hard to find content but I will try to find things to share and things I truly enjoy sharing to make it interesting to read. This first post really was just to introduce myself and my family to anyone who doesn't know us personally. I hope you all enjoy things I am able to share!