I've been friends with Hannah since I was a Sophomore in High School. I met Houston, I believe, the year after I met Hannah. Not long after that Hannah and Houston met they started dating. It has been so much fun for me to watch Hannah and Houston grow individually and with each other as well. They are 6 years into their relationship and both are very ambitious to make a life together after Houston gets out of law school. Hannah just finished her first year as a Elementary School teacher. During this session I had the opportunity to ask Hannah and Houston a few questions and it gave me some of my favorite photos I've ever shot. I asked them to look over the last 6 years together. I asked them to think of all the things they have been together, good or bad. All the emotions, whether it be happy, sad, or angry. Both of them just looked at each other and all I could see was dedication and love in their eyes. Hannah and Houston are so lovely and I am so very blessed that they allowed me to get some awesome moments of them together.