There is a lot I want to do in my business. I want to do more creative shoots and spend more time getting to know my clients. Of course make more guides to make the experience more joyful for your sessions and things of this nature. Things that I will accomplish with time of course. One thing that really stick out in my mind, pretty much once a week is how I NEVER blog. Like ever. And I want to. I want to blog more of the sessions I shoot and I also want to blog more personal things. I love writing and I love telling people about thing I am passionate about or things that are new in my life. I don't know if people like following them as much as I like writing about them, but that probably won't stop me from writing, ha! 

I wanted to really start my blogging journey now. I have so much coming up in my life and my families lives that I want to take this moment to write and document more than just with photographs. Photographs say a lot about an experience, but sometimes I'd like to go into more detail than just what my photos express. With my second son, Charlie, arriving in the next few weeks and our journey to find our own house... this is the time I want to tell you all about my life and show you more of myself on a personal level. Hopefully also allow you all to get to know me a little more and allow me to have an outlet to share my passions with you. Mostly, photography, my family, and my plants I'm sure, ha! 

M Y  F A M I L Y


L I A M 

As many of your know this is my little adventurous, red headed boy, Liam. He is really getting to the fun stages. He loves being outside and exploring. He loves trucks, trains, and anything that rolls pretty much. He is ALL BOY for sure! It's been exciting to see him grow and capture these moments with my camera. My whole love and passion for photography is at a new level since having Liam. I am sure it will get even bigger once Charlie arrives and capturing them both together. 




What more can I say other than I really have no idea how I'd do life without Eric. He's such an awesome Dad and husband. Like he had just called me moments ago and said how he really wants to take some of his birthday money he receives from family to buy Liam an appropriate sized soccer ball and goals because Liam can seriously kick a soccer ball and really dribble it. Which is highly impressive for a 2 year old, or at least to us it is. Like normally I'd think he'd want to use his birthday money on himself because let's face it we sometimes don't get things we want because Liam and responsibilities comes first but, he's super excited to get out there with Liam and work with him on the whole soccer thing. This man is the best. I am so glad God blessed me with him. Eric really is responsible for Neely Creative. His support is the only reason I get to do what I do! He has made ways for me to improve and pushed me to do things I would have talked myself out of doing. That's why I love him. 



C H A R L I E 

Well, as you can see right now Charlie boy is still in he womb growing. It's hard for me to believe I'm only 3 weeks out from my due date! I feel like this second pregnancy has flown by. We are so excited to meet Charlie and see what blessing God has given us. I'm also excited to see Liam with a brother. Can't wait for you all to meet Charlie too! (BTW, Eric took these photos and I can't belive how good he is! I think I need to convince him to join me.)



For some reason it's always SO hard to write about myself. First off, my passions are my family, photography, and gardening. I love growing things. Babies, plants, whatever I can, haha! I have an obsession with plants and I hope to get better on my veggie garden game too. I just get so much joy out of photographing life and growing life. I think it's just so incredible to watch things grow but also to document it as well. I have always been fascinated with photography and photographs. When I was a kid I also admired old photographs my grandparents had and when I was a preteen the digital camera really started becoming a thing. I would photograph things with this little kodak point and shoot my mom had. Then in high school my mom bought me a Nikon D3200 and I started following photographers websites and just admiring the different styles of photography and editing styles. So that's really when it all began. I mostly started doing my own side work in high school. Now here I am today making my dreams reality and documenting life and memories for so many other families other than my own. It's incredible. I just can't God enough for blessing me with this gift and the people I get to work with. 


I am excited to share more about my personal life and passions with you all. I am excited to just take some time to write again, really. I know our daily lives is one of the most uninteresting things and I may have a hard to find content but I will try to find things to share and things I truly enjoy sharing to make it interesting to read. This first post really was just to introduce myself and my family to anyone who doesn't know us personally. I hope you all enjoy things I am able to share!