Soooo, here is a little back story from my session tonight. I know in most places it’s rained, but it has not rained in Steele in like 3 weeks. No joke like a month without a good rain. It’s DRY up in here, y’all. The rain goes around us all the time. Well, tonight I look at the radar as there is a chance of rain today. 6:00 PM… 0% chance of rain. I’m like, “GOOD. It is gonna rain, but not when I have my session with the Howards today.” WELL, literally as soon as they pull up. It starts POURING rain. And really, it doesn’t stop until 20 minutes before it’s DARK. But thank God they stuck it out with me. They waited and got rained on, and I am so thankful for their patience with me. I was so upset this happened, but they were so kind about it! You just have to laugh when things like this happen! I prayed for rain, and I SUUUUURE got it, ha!!

Taking photos of this precious girl tonight literally reminds me of the lyrics to Michael Buble's new song, "Forever Now". This sweet baby is going to be one soon, and it is such a reminder of how fast they grow. I know this Mama is saying, "Slow down just a little bit and let me love you a little longer." <3

"I tuck you in at night

Another day has passed

Every week goes by a little faster than the last

It wasn't so long ago

We walked together and you held my hand

And now you're getting too big to want to

But I hope you'll always understand

That I'm always gonna lift you up

And I'm never gonna let you down

No matter what you do

I'm forever proud of you

I'll love you forever now."