This morning Oliver Weston Evans entered the world at 10:31 AM. Being able to document this day for Kaylyn and Neil was truly a blessing. Watching a baby being born into this world is the most beautiful and most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen. Going back and looking through these images is so emotional, just reliving these moments. Seeing the process is amazing, and the strength Kaylyn had to give birth to this human being is… literally no words to describe it. A mother’s love is one of a kind, being able to endure the pain of child birth and then have that smile on your face literally seconds after… that is TRUE LOVE. And don’t get me started on the absolute adorableness that is Big Brother Emmett! That boy LOVES his baby brother!! A huge thank you again to Kaylyn and Neil for including me in this special day. Being part of the birth of both their children, and their wedding is so special. Literally love this family! Oliver, you are so loved, little buddy! I am so excited to finally meet you!!

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