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Hello every one! 

I welcome you to the Neely Creative blog! This is going to be a lot of fun for me! I love writing. Before I decided to settle down and become a wife and mom I had a dream of being a comedy writer. Of course you will see I am not 100% grammatically correct, and this is totally not the same as writing a sketch for a funny video. ;) Either way, this is exciting for me to let you in to see a lot of my work, and of course some of my personal life through photos! 

I wanted to explain to you what you're going to be mostly seeing on my blog. I will be sharing my photo session in full on my blog. This will be fun for anyone who is wanting to share their photos on their Facebook and just hasn't been able to upload their session yet. My blog will also feature a lot of my personal photos of my family that I share on my personal Facebook page. For example, in my personal life I am doing the 365 Photo Challenge. I will probably share my photos on here every month for you all to see! 

This is exciting for me to get started. I love sharing my work, and this will be a much more organized way of doing so. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy! It's going to be awesome!